Thithigoo Creche & Mobile Creche

Bega operates two childcare services.

Thithigoo Creche is located at Bega and is available for use by clients, students and staff who are on the premises at the health service. There is no charge for Bega clients. Our Mobile Creche service is available to provide support for training groups in the community for Indigenous families, as well as to attend community events and playgroups.


Thithigoo Creche

Thithigoo Creche is an unlicensed Creche which provides free on-site childcare for families visiting a health professional at our Service. The service delivers educational activities in a culturally appropriate environment for children ranging from 8 weeks till 12 years. Each day the children participate in activities such as arts and crafts, storytelling, music and movement, outside play, and cookery.

Thithigoo / Mobile Creche was developed to support the parents and children of the Bega Garnbirringu Health Service. We believe that creating an environment that supports independence, celebrates culture and encourages children to be themselves will lead to happy, confident, secure children with strong identities. We understand that we will always have more to learn and will continually consult with the children, families and the community to reflect on our work.


We will do this by:

  • Developing strong relationships with each child and their family
  • Working with the families and community to make sure that they always have input into what is happening with the service.
  • Role modeling positive behaviour (using manners, speaking respectfully to each child)
  • Teaching the children about responsibility and consequence; learning that all of there actions have consequences.
  • Promoting culture and language by having local staff, and inviting elders in from the community to come into the service to speak language and tell stories to the children.
  • Finding ways to make the children feel valued, given choice and opportunity.
  • Teaching the children life skills, and then when they are ready support them to be independent.

Mobile Creche

Mobile Creche provides a visiting childcare service for training or community groups who aim to support Aboriginal / Torres Strait Islander families in the Goldfields area.