Chronic Health & Visiting Specialists

Chronic health issues are addressed by our Health Service through a number of services.

1 in 9 regular clients of Bega has Diabetes and around 89% of these clients are living in the Goldfields region (30 June 2015).

Point of Care screening is regularly conducted for clients with chronic conditions through our Clinic and a Retinal Screening program is also in place. Clients at our Health Service have access to a number of visiting specialist clinics and those who wish to attend any of these clinics will generally need a referral from one of our General Practitioners.

Our recall system also prompts our staff to offer clients appointments where our doctors and specialists have identified that it may be beneficial for the clients health needs. In some instances, there are special eligibility criteria which need to be fulfilled. Clients will receive a phone-call and reminder letter regarding their appointment times and are offered support with transport getting to and from appointments.

What is a Chronic Disease? It is a condition that is long lasting – it can be controlled or managed but not cured.

Chronic diseases are mostly characterised by:

  • complex causes
  • multiple risk factors
  • long periods between exposure to and feeling the effects of the illness
  • a prolonged course of illness
  • functional impairment or disability.

Most chronic diseases do not resolve spontaneously, and are generally not cured completely. Some can be immediately life-threatening, such as heart attack and stroke. Others can persist over time and can be intensive in terms of management (e.g. diabetes). Most chronic diseases persist in an individual through life.

What do our Specialist and Chronic Health Mob do? They help you with your specialised care and with any chronic conditions you have such as diabetes. Bega has a number of visiting specialists and the following is a guide to our Specialist services.




Referral Required

Australian Hearing





Weekly on Tuesday’s

Dr Stephanie


Diabetic Educator


Jane Walton


Diabetic Specialist


Dr Sean George




Kate Stanfield


Ear Nose and Throat


Dr Francis Lannigan



Twice a year

Dr Angus Turner and once with Dr Michael English



Weekly on Tuesday’s (morning only)

Dr Rafiq Hemani



Weekly on Friday’s

Yugundhar (Yogi) Kodur



Fortnightly on Thursday’s

Dr Sarah Sandner




Dr Abu Abraham or Dr Stephen Wright



How can I see a Specialist? Your doctor will often refer you if you need to see a Specialist, and once you have seen the specialist, they will call you back when needed. All specialists except the podiatrist and dentist need referrals.

For dental, you must be either Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, hold a health care card and are over 18 or under 5. There are other options for those who do not meet the criteria and you can ask Joanna what they are. We have not got the facilities for Dentures but you are welcome to contact the Goldfields Dental Clinic on 9093 1086. Be prepared to leave a message as sometimes they are with clients and are not able to answer the phone.

Contact Albert to make appointments for the Diabetes Specialist, Diabetes Educator, Renal Specialist, the Eye Specialist and Australian Hearing on 9022 5516. Contact Joanna for the Dental, Podiatrist, Physiotherapist and the Dietician on 9022 5543.

Call Haysie on 9022 5581 for an appointment to see the Paediatrician or the ENT Specialist.

If you need to cancel or reschedule, please contact us as soon as possible.