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Optometry Services Mobile Clinic

As an optometrist I have been visiting the Northern, Eastern and Southern Goldfields with the Mobile Clinic provided by the Bega Garnbirringu Health Service in Kalgoorlie. This service began in July 2012 and since then we have done regular visits to these areas, culminating in 20 separate trips over this period of time. With the aid of the mobile Clinic I have performed eye examinations in the following localities; Menzies, Leonora, Kookynie, Morapoi, Mount Margaret, Laverton, Cosmo Newbury, Mulga Queen, Norseman and Coonana. None of these communities receive any optometry care without this service.
The mobile clinic provides me with the means of performing eye examinations for the indigenous community in their local environs. As such they get access to primary eyecare more readily and more often. Without this service they would have to come to Kalgoorlie, a trip many would be reluctant or unable to take. The eye examinations I can provide include a refraction to determine if spectacles are necessary, and ophthalmoscopy and tonometry to determine if there are any other underlying ocular conditions which may affect their vision at the time or into the future. I co-ordinate my visits with an ophthalmologist and can then refer any patients to his clinics in Kalgoorlie at the Bega Garnbirringu Health Centre, or his clinics in Leonora. Patients are mostly referred for conditions like cataract, diabetic retinopathy, macula degeneration, trachoma, strabismus and glaucoma. If spectacles are necessary the spectacles are subsidised by Bega for the indigenous community.
Over the 2 years I have been providing this service to the greater Goldfields region with the support of the Bega Mobile Clinic I have performed 307 consultations on aboriginal patients, and provided spectacles for well over 200 of these patients. Another 50 patients have been referred for ongoing care to an ophthalmologist. This care has helped the Aboriginal community in the Goldfields in countless ways. Spectacles for indigenous children assist them with their learning and reading and bifocals help more elderly patients retain their drivers licence, and assist with reading and health. I can also monitor and refer diabetic patients for retinal changes and refer them for treatment when it is necessary.
Without the Bega Mobile clinic I would not be able to perform my skills in many of these remote communities and it is a vital resource in the health care of the greater Goldfields Indigenous community.

PGPPP Placement Testimonial

The second half of my working week I spend with an amazing multidisciplinary team at Bega Garnbirringu health service. My role here is like that of a (well supported) GP registrar, seeing and following up my own patients, receiving formal and informal education as I go. This is an absolutely exceptional practice where consumers can receive services from a wide range of co-located and visiting health professionals, as well as welfare and support services and outreach programs.

Thankyou Team Bega

I would like to whole heartedly thank the team at Bega Garnbirringu Health Services for their ongoing professional support and guidance through the six wonderful years of my employment to the organisation and say that working with the Bega team has been an overwhelmingly wonderful experience both professionally and spiritually and would like to thank the teams at bega for being kind and compassionate to be during my employment period. I would also like to give thanks to Clive Holt and Wayne Johnson for being very supportive of me throughout my time at Bega, also special thanks to Cody Winter, Environmental Health Practitioner/ trainer for his ongoing support through the whole process and for working alongside him for six years, I couldn't have done well without his enthusiasm and good will. I will miss the crew at Bega but will continue to work together as much as possible in the future